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About the Congress

Congress main topics

Considering the importance of registry activity in the real estate legal trade, the increasing role it performs in relation to land and its collective interests, inserted in strategies of stability of the economic and the financial sector, and, in addition, the growing influence of new technologies on the contractual models and on the organization of registration services, the IPRA-CINDER 2022 Conference prepared an agenda aligned with the sustainable development goals as well as with the legal demands from globalization and information society, currently resized by the demands arising from the pandemic.

International migration movements demand a new look at the globalization of legal relationships regarding the individual and family, to the extent of its consequences to personal status, in contractual relations and, thus, in the land registry; either by virtue of their nationality or due to international connection factors arising from their origin or habitual residence, or even by way of different marriage status, inheritance law or cross-border conveyancing.

The globalization of legal knowledge leads to the development of technological platforms which aim is to improve the communication, the interoperability and the connection of registries and glossaries of semantic and technical equivalence, in order to minimize difficulties raised in the field of Comparative Law.

The themes allow for presentations in National, Regional, Community (European Regulations or Directives) and international conventions (European/bilateral/international) perspectives, depending on the geographical area of the speaker, who may choose a more general and gathering approach on the basis of the legal instruments available in the light of each legal system

In this context, two major themes were drawn up, which will be allocated to the three days of the Congress. In order to encourage the presentations to cover, as far as possible, the various aspects of each theme, some sub-themes are suggested, without, of course, excluding any approach of other issues that fit the themes and that the participant intends to bring and share.

I - Land Registry and Globalization

Various issues can be addressed under this theme, such as the legal instruments of standardization, unification and harmonization of law and their impact on Land Registration; the globalization of legal knowledge through international cooperation networks; or the platforms for exchanging information between different registry systems. 
The opening theme being: the international migration and its reflection in the registry activity

II - Sustainable development - the role of Land Registry in the challenges of the 21st century. Economic and social consequences.

The breadth of the theme allows the approach of subjects such as the geographic identification of the immovable and its relevance to the registry publicity; the participation of the land registry in eliminating or reducing territorial imbalances; the collaboration of registries in the prevention of money laundering and terrorist financing and in the publicity of actual information on beneficial ownership; or the technological revolution, the electronic treatment of personal data and their protection; disruptive technologies; and Big Data.
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